Journey of JH Law

Background: In 2010, Janey moved from Rotorua to Auckland to study Biomedical Science (BSc) and then a Masters in Bioscience Enterprise (MBA spin-off) with honours. While in Auckland, she worked for investment focused groups in both Government and private equity.

Progression to Law: After gaining capital raising experience, Janey identified a need for lawyers with both technical know-how and an understanding of the commercialisation pathways for technology businesses, particularly those in the medical device and life science industries.

Commercial/Corporate Lawyer: From 2016, Janey completed her law degree (LLB) with honours, worked full time in law and had her first child all in the space of 3 years. She has been trained and influenced by the best in the business for both law and commerce. She now has a wide range of commercial and corporate experience. 
Starting a Law Firm: Now 2021, Janey is well-equiped with the skills and passion to position herself as a principal advisor of her own commercial and corporate law firm. 



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