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Janey here, from
JH LAW. We’re a
New Zealand based
business law firm.

As a NZ lawyer, our team helps kiwis buy or sell property, shares or business assets.

We also provide investors & businesses with specialist legal services regarding terms of trade & capital raising.

Janey Haringa - Principal of JH LAW

Janey Haringa - Principal of JH LAW

Welcome to JH LAW

Our mission through JH LAW is to help businesses become leaders in their industries.

Our goal is to support JH LAW clients to not only achieve sustainable growth & profitability but also become leaders who attract, retain & engage employees, customers, investors & community stakeholders.

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Biz & Sip - The Confidence Panel

During a late-summer's Friday lunch, Shannon (Director at inHouse) and I discussed confidence and the role it can play to support the success of women in business. Our conversation sparked the idea fRead more

Who owns the IP on product improvements?

The very real situation is often this:  2-3 friends decide to create a world changing product together. Time passes, where the product becomes improved or modified, there are more people interestedRead more

What is a Phantom Share Scheme?

Quite often, particularly in growth stage companies, we will hear business owners wanting to:  Retain staff 🌟Reward staff 🌟Attract staff 🌟Traditional employee share schemes can be foundRead more

There's NY resolutions, but what about Company resolutions?

Hello 2022!  NY resolutions has also got me thinking about another type of resolution being Company Resolutions (or Trust Resolutions or Limited Partnership Resolutions).  These are fairly imporRead more

What's the difference between a warranty vs. indemnity?

Deciding which warranties & indemnities to include in a sale & purchase agreement is one of the most involved & heavily negotiated issues of a merger or acquisition (as well as the purchase price). Read more

Achieving board diversity: looking to success stories & statistics

As businesses look to more innovative & sustainable ways of doing business, achieving board diversity can be a great starting point where insights can be translated down to management and the widerRead more

Do I buy the business or the shares?

Sometimes a manager or an executive will look to buy out existing owners or take over a new business. In these cases, there may be the question of whether one buys the shares or the business assetsRead more

Why would a company consolidate or subdivide their shares?

Long answer short, it’s when you want a more appropriate and comparable share price to others in your industry. Read more

5 Steps to Capital Raising

Capital raising can be very exciting. Although, with increasing compliance requirements and calls for transparency across NZ’s financial markets, it can create uncertainty on how to proceed.Read more

Do funds & investors need to consider climate change?

We have seen floods, earthquakes, storms & fires. Where the NZ financial industry has taken some great steps towards addressing climate change events and associated risks. Let's see what's beenRead more

Top 5 things to know about being a director

Did you know that in NZ we have just under 1.1 million active and registered directors?  NZ is consistently voted and regarded as the one of the easiest places in the world to do business. Where itRead more

Should I be able to read financial statements?

With over half a million NZ businesses (557,680 as of Feb 2020) largely being private, financial statements are likely the best information you’ll get about a business that you’re interestedRead more

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