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Bank Finance / Refinance

The key to good financing is clear terms & no loose obligations...

Whilst the concept of bank borrowing OR switching banks (on better terms we should hope!) is relatively straight-forward, things start to get hairy once we have layers of persons involved. Whether you’re a company with complex shareholdings or a sole trader, let’s work together to ensure no loose obligations are owed by your business at settlement!


  • Does the proposed loan or refinance comply with any existing SHAG or constitution?
  • Resolutions.


  • Whose the borrower?
  • Any personal or trust guarantors?
  • Everyone independently advised?

Old Bank*

  • Repay old bank.
  • Mortgage discharge?
  • Security discharges?

* If you are re-financing.

Terms & Conditions

  • Interest rates.
  • Term of loan. 
  • Mortgage?
  • General security agreement?
  • Deed of guarantee?
  • Asset-specific securities (i.e. over stock & shares)?
  • Insurance.
  • Settlement.
  • Early repayment.

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