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Share Purchase

Investing in a company is so exciting, a few things to consider...

Although the underlying process of buying shares is pretty stock standard, the value you can receive from a lawyer is one who can help you navigate key areas. We think that these centralise around whether you want to be a silent or active investor and making sure that you get industry specific warranties. That’s where the real value to these share conveyances can be found!

Discuss with Janey on what will be relevant for you so that she can advise & prepare the purchase agreement specific for your purpose.


  • Shareholders agreement?
  • Current account included or to be repaid?
  • Due diligence.
  • Settlement deliverables.


  • Who is the vendor?
  • Warranties to you.
  • Restraint of trade.


  • Who are the directors?
  • Any retained earnings?
  • Dividend policy?
  • Imputation credits?


  • Are you buying personally or as a company?
  • Do you need an accountant?


  • Source of funds (personal savings or bank)?
  • Settlement.

Reach out today for an agreement tailored to your business


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