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Shareholders Agreement

One of the most important documents for a company, let’s see why...

Shareholders have control of the company and naturally the more persons there are with similar controlling power the more necessary it is for there to be a private governance document in place. The below gives us an idea of the elements of a SHAG, to help us prepare for such a key contract with both current and future shareholders in mind.

Discuss with Janey on what will be relevant for you so that she can prepare a shareholders agreement specific for your business.


  • Private governance document for shareholders.
  • Fit for business type.


  • When the company needs capital, does it first seek it from the shareholders or a bank?
  • Valuation methods.

Pre-Emptive Rights

  • What happens when shareholders come and go?
  • How are shares protected from dilution?

Major Decisions

  • When does a shareholder jump in on how the company operates?
  • Do shareholders need to meet up regularly & can they meet via Zoom?


  • Dividend policy.
  • Shareholder indemnities.
  • Current accounts.

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